Hi everyone,

I totally missed writing in this little spot of mine.

So today I’m aiming to try and explain this blog post… THE COURAGE TO LAUGH and what I do now, during my amazing vacation here in Sardinia, Italy, to get rid of this feelings.

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I get just a little tiny bit overwhelmed by my emotions and, since I am a very emotional and sensitive girl (sadly), I find very difficult to shake this feelings off of me and, what I do instead of a nice good old cry, is to grab my iPod and listen to music or hang out for a walk.

Everyone has issues, important or less important and the main thing is to understand how much the problem can affect our lives and react to it, the best way possible, asking or not for help (it doesn’t really matter).

And then there’s me… for no reason, sometimes, I get overwhelmed by emotions, panic and anxiety.

I feel no shame sharing this thing with you, because is a part of me and seriousely, I’m working on it, because I have to ! I want to improve myself, I always put everyone before me… their lives, their feelings, their problems, their everything ! BUT WHAT ABOUT ME ? I keep it all deep inside and that’s not right.

I have to respect myself and care a little bit more about me,  so I’m going to laugh more ! I’m going to grow up a bit and try to react to waves of panic or axiety with a laugh, to be more grateful of what I got from life, to be happier and to learn to let go some things I don’t need in my life.

Laughter requires courage and commitment, the strenght to be positive and happier.

There, another introspective post on my blog… how wonderful !

Have a nice day everyone and I’ll see you very soon!