Hello my besties,

today I wanted to share with you a little personal thing… like if I’m talking
to my friends.

I really thought about opening a youtube channel for so long
and now that I have… sometimes I feel quite weird about the all youtube thing.

I did say in my first video that I waited so long to upload
because of one of my
biggest fears… BE JUDGED by other people… and that fear is still there
even though my confidence has increased and I’m very
happy about it.

Sometimes I do feel a little insecure…
insecure about myself and about my videos of course.

I’m such a perfectionist and sometimes when I think about a video to film
I picture it in my mind in a specific way and the most of the times it
never comes out the way I imagined it.
And to me that’s so frustrating, because of course you need the
right camera, the perfect background ecc

But… everytime I upload a new video and I’m exited about…
everytime I feel insecure.

I’m a big youtuber addicted and I follow hundreds of people who like me,
make videos and love doing it.

And everytime… like everytime, they look so perfect to me while I’m not.

I have the horrible feeling that my videos are not so good as their.

Of course I love so much Youtube and of course I don’t want to QUIT
or anything like that…I just want to be who I am
with all my flaws and everything, and be noticed for this.

Thank you so much for “listening” to me 🙂

I feel so much better now that I’ve spit that out…