Hi everyone !!

Finally Christmas is coming back and, of course, this is my favourite time of the year.

So today I want to talk through the real reason why I love Christmas and what my festive essentials are.

I don’t know about you, but it’s tradition to me, to decorate my Christmas tree while listening to Michael Bublé and his Christmassy playlist… noone can decorate my tree if I’m not there !! 😉

Another essential is my Christmas edition tea collection. I’m such a tea person, I drink it everyday and I genuinely enjoy to boil my kettle and smell that amazing festive scent. I like very particular flavours, sweet and spicy, as vanilla, ginger or cinnamon tea.

I’m such a wrapper… I love to wrap Christmas gifts and I love to write super thoughtful messages

for each of my loved ones, because I think that everyone is so special and that is the perfect moment to let them know and, of course, the wrap needs to be all cute and golden. LOL.

Next essential to me is RED !!

I love to wear red details especially during the festivity time, I think it’s just the BASIC colour, perfect for these holidays.

Some of my favourite red detail are lips…. isn’t possible not to wear an amazing, matte, dark red lipstick or liptint!! By the way I prefer matte, even thou this is the satin year 😉

Another little element are red nails… which are so perfect everyday, but they do the magic this time of the year (!!) together with big, oversized jumpers, I love them !!

This leads us to my final essential: super fun and cozy nights in with family and friends.

This is the Christmassy goal to me… to be able to share meals with people that you love, hot choco maybe and a lot, a lot of laughs.

So… what about you? Which are your Christmas essentials? What do you would like to do during this holidays ?


Just let me know here, in the comment section 😉