Good morning everyone !!

Finally I’m back here on this blog after a very long time, I’ve been carried away from my duties

and, basically what I like to do, by my everyday busy plans and my youtube channel which, lately, has been an important slice 24/7. So… enough chit chat I was saying that today I’m here to share with you all the way I edit all my Instagram pictures. Of course I filmed a video about it and I think a good year ago, in there I showed all the apps that allow me to upload a decent picture on my account. I generally use three apps now to do so…


Shoot a serie of pictures with your phone or your camera

(I’m sure I can easely skip this bit)

STEP 2 Lightroom CC

What I do after I took a picture is basically import it in an APP called Lightroom CC.

The only reason why I use this app which is incredibly heavy, is to modify and edit the best way possible the colours. Honestly this is the best to edit single colours… I can change the blue into a green or a red into a bright pink ! Amazing !!


STEP 3 AirBrush APP

I use this app just to whiten my background, to make it clean and bright; to make

my theme coerent picture after picture. I like to contrast and to have a high exposure


STEP 4 Instasize

This app is awesome to never crop pictures when you upload on Instagram.

I generally use it everytime I need to upload a OOTD picture or a photo that needs a lot of space and air… like a flat lay. I looove these kind of pictures, I always try to do them but I believe I’m not very good at it!


Okay… these are the apps I have on my phone to upload my pictures on Instagram, if you want to check them out just click on the page INSTAGRAM up here, or click on this link down below

If you missed the video click here

And I wish you a nice day !!