Hi everyone!!!

I’m a 27 years old girl from Italy and I’m addicted to fashion and makeup!

I feel like this is my own space to share all my passions, my way to see the world and a little bit of my life.

I filmed a Youtube video introducing myself to the camera and to the YouTube community more than two years ago and… thinking about it now, it’s kind of funny because it took three hours to record a 3 minutes video…yeah !

I was so embarassed and so shy talking to a camera and, even thou Youtube was a super well known reality to me, (I used to watch youtube videos for hours !!), I found very challenging to embrace the commenting of my closest friends and my family.

One of my worst fears was/is to be judged badly by everyone and Youtube really helped me out and get over mean comments and react as best as possible… of course I still have issues boosting my confidence and self awareness but… I try.

My biggest challenge is to be able to ulpoad videos and vlogs speaking in another language, which is English of course, but still I love it because everyday (kind of) I need to push myself to learn something new. That’s not always easy, sometimes infact, I do say things wrong but it’s okay, I love it! 🙂


So… I don’t know what else to say, I am another of those girls who are in love with makeup, fashion beauty and lifestyle and that walk everyday with the idea to share everything with you.

This is the link to my channel, in case you want to check it out, I ulpoad every Wednesday and every Sunday at 18.00 / 6pm



I hope you’re going to follow me in this journey, thanks for reading and I wish you a nice day! A huge hug.