NAIL COLOURS | Summer 2017

                                           Ehi everyone,

I love, during summer, wear pastels and light colours on my nails.

I think that they are sophisticated and at the same time, with a bit of tan, stand out giving a touch of elegance.The first is definitely the color of this summer … yellow.I’ve picked one very light by Deborah.


This is the n. 88 (right).

Another shade that I’m very enjoying is this baby blue from the same brand and it’s the 96 (left).

Other colors that I use most frequently at this time of the year are a baby pink or a nude color like this one from Kiko


A slightly pearly pink n. 478, that gives brighteness to the nails thanks to tiny little points of light. An amazing color indeed.

Next one is a vibrant pink by Pupa.

I love to wear this shade especially in the evening with a matching lipstick


Easy and funny to combine you can really play with colors, especially during the summer.

Speaking of playing with colors… what do you think about this amazing nail polish by Collistar?


Such a great green!!!

What a color… so… summery!

Now you all know I love nail polishes and play with colours, even thou sometimes I find myself stuck with nudes polishes, black and white ones.

Remember that during the summer everything is possible. Summer is lightness, playfulness and a bit of madness. We have to be daring, especially with colors and cosmetics.

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